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Everett helping homeless for Cityvision | Seattle editorial photographer

Got approached to do a cool shoot for my longtime client, Cityvision, last month, focusing on the innovative efforts of Everett to combat the issue of homelessness.






By opening new shelters and affordable housing, and stopping the revolving doors of the criminal justice system, Everett is finally doing something productive on the matter.


The magazine’s art director had coordinated access to do the shoot on top of the Wall Street Building in downtown Everett. In my naivety I thought, ok, we’ll get to the highest floor, pop out a roof hatch, and be shooting in no time.

12525697_10205778635976888_6287405650679162124_ophoto by matt mills mcknight

But when we got to the 10th floor, the PR person let us know we went on foot from there. We emerged on a sub level of the roof, surrounded by a 6-foot-tall parapet. I couldn’t understand why we would do the shoot there — you couldn’t see anything. Then he pointed to the ladder. Did I mention I hate heights?


My assistant, Matt Mills McKnight, and I worked out a plan to get the lighting gear up to the actual roof. We packed two heads into the beauty dish case, which I put onto my back. Matt carried my camera bag. Then we held on for dear life. The most impressive part though is that all three of our subjects were game to participate and climb too. What troupers! If nothing else, this job makes for some very interesting bar stories. Many thanks to City of Everett Lead Prosecutor Hil Kaman, Deputy City Attorney David Hall, and Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson.


Rebecca Howlett for University of Kansas School of Law

Rebecca Howlett for University of Kansas School of Law, Kanji & Katzen intern

I had an assignment in August to photograph Rebecca Howlett, a tribal law intern at the firm Kanji & Katzen, for a recruiting guide published by the University of Kansas School of Law. The piece highlights the great work that KU students do as interns at firms across the country. It just came out and looks great! I was requested to photograph her with a nice Seattle-identifying backdrop, which was easy with the firms’s Pioneer Square offices overlooking Smith Tower (the pencil building). To combat the intense overhead sunlight, I had my assistant, David Ryder, hold a reflector scrim over Rebecca to put her in the shade. Then I brought in a beauty dish for the main light and a softbox for a bit of fill, to give the image a fun, dynamic look. The client was happy with the take and Rebecca told me I was easy to work with — that’s nice of her since it was about 90 degrees on the roof that day! What a trooper!

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