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2008 Favorites

Posted in assignment work, news, personal work, portraits, sports, Washington by bermanphotos on December 29, 2008

I hope this finds you all happy and in focus.

It’s that time of year again, and here are my favorites from 2008.

Thanks go out to the plethora of people from this site and the photo community that have taken the time to look at my work and give it to me straight. This has been a great year for me and one of tremendous growth. I can’t wait for the year to come.











Thanks for looking everybody!


Foreclosure for FLYP Magazine

Posted in assignment work, news, portraits, Washington by bermanphotos on December 12, 2008

I had a shoot for a new client, FLYP Magazine, about a woman who lost her rented home to foreclosure after her landlord was not paying the mortgage. It was a tough story to work on, but Deb, my subject, was a good sport about letting me make her picture. This was my first shoot for FLYP, an online multimedia magazine.

Below is a screen cap of my images on their website (check it out on page 3 of

Some other images from the shoot:











Up and Down, and Up Again

Posted in assignment work, sports, Washington by bermanphotos on November 15, 2008

Sometimes the best part of a game is the last half of it.

That was certainly the case today, as the Shoreline CC Dolphins headed into the 2nd half tied 0-0 against Clark College. The sun was bright and constantly in the face of Shoreline’s players, although they did not give up any goals.

As a photographer, the action was ho-hum — but one could see how irritating the tie was getting for the players. Some just blocked out the sun as best they could:


And others took the tie game more personally, as one SCC player did when she argued with an official over possession of the ball; she got herself a red card and the other team got the ball.


Her coach tried to comfort her, and soon exchanged a few choice words with the official.

Soon the official game ended, and with Shoreline and Clark College mired in a 0-0 score, went into overtime. The ten minute overtime resulted in still no goals scored, so the game went into a shootout.

You could really feel how important a game this was for SCC; the women wore their expressions on their face, and a once playful team had become visibly gloomy. Luckily, after last week’s portrait shoot with the team’s defenders, I have a good enough working relationship that they ignored my presence in the team huddle. Still, I tried to be respectful during this tense time, and am happy with these ones.




So now the two teams would duke it out in a goal kick shootout; each team would take turns goal kicking, and the first team to score four times would win this nearly three hour game.

Clark College goes first and makes a goal, but SCC counters with a kick to the back-left of the net; it’s 1-1.


Clark College misses their attempt and SCC knocks another one to the back-left. Now it’s 2-1.


Clark College misses again, and SCC makes another goal. It’s 3-1 Shoreline, and the team bench is going wild. Out on the field, they are screaming, jumping, and cheering each other on.


So it’s 3-1 Shoreline, and if Clark College is to win, they must sink this shot.

Tension builds.

Their player takes a moment to calm themselves down, but it doesn’t help: they miss the 2nd shot in a row.

So now its 3-1 Shoreline, and even I’m a little on edge as SCC lines up what could be their winning goal kick.

Parents are shouting and so are the players.

And then it happens. Shoreline sinks their 4th and final kick to the far right corner of the goal.


So after a nearly three hour game, with a scoreless overtime and a tense and dramatic shootout, Shoreline’s womens soccer team were going to the NWAACC playoffs — and a mix of tears and smiles soon appeared on their faces.





This was such an interesting game to shoot, what with the emotions fraught as well as the actual tension of the game. And from a photographer’s perspective, it was great to see good moments happen in such amazing light.

Thanks for looking everyone.


Reflecting on a strong season

Posted in assignment work, portraits, sports by bermanphotos on November 13, 2008

I had an interesting shoot last Wednesday with the women’s soccer team over at Shoreline Community College.

The intermittent rain made me question if the shoot was going to work out, but luckily it held off for the entire duration. I waited around for the girl’s to finish their cooldown, and shot this image of the men’s game going on. It gave me an idea for later, but more on that in a bit.


After SCC’s unfortunate 1-0 loss to Green River, the women’s defenders, still mud-soaked from their game, agreed to let me make their portrait. I set up 2 SB26 strobes, bare-bulb, one camera-left and high, and one far-right, aiming back at the womens’ faces. I like the drama those rain clouds add, as well as the muddy clothes. Tough ladies who clearly mean business.

The first shot I wanted to accomplish was a kind of CMA shot, just some basic stuff. I asked the girls to act serious for a frame, and this was more difficult than I would have imagined.


Luckily they held their laughs for about three frames, before they just couldn’t take it anymore:


It was around this time that I thought about trying to work the neat puddle onto the ground into something more. I re-aimed my flashes towards the girl’s faces, and tried to shoot just the team reflected in the puddle. I like how this one looks, but it might have been neat to hand the center girl Brittany my camera, and use a remote to trigger it — that way I could have shot this image “right-side up”. There is always next time….


Thanks for looking everyone. Comments always appreciated.


Always have a camera

Posted in assignment work by bermanphotos on September 11, 2008

I don’t always leave my parking spot with a camera out of the bag but this time I was luckily I had. I spotted this woman walking up the hill as I was heading down, clutching this unique painting. I like the golden light and the strangeness of the situation.


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