Seattle Photographer Daniel Berman | Seattle editorial photographer | (206) 387-3767

Snoop Dogg for Northwest Leaf | Seattle editorial photographer


Photographed @snoopdogg for @nwleaf back in April and it was one of the craziest shoots of my career. Asked for 1 minute and got 39 seconds – did two setups and managed 23 photos. Arrived two hours early and up until I had Snoop in front of my camera wasn’t entirely sure it would actually happen 🙂 Big thanks to Will and Ryan for making that possible! Snoop was friendly but quiet, and flashed a bunch of poses at me without talking. I asked him to look up toward my light in one – and then his manager said alright lets go. Such a quick encounter as these tend to be.




Afterward, Snoop was posing for photos and signing autographs for fans at @haveaheartrec_ – I had a kind of crazy idea to light Snoop while he was posing with other people and got the go ahead to keep shooting. I convinced my assistant @taylorfeistphoto to jump in and hold up a piece of black seamless behind Snoop for a couple of seconds at a time. Taylor convinced his security guards. It was working! But just as soon, the legend had to take off. One of those shoots you prepare hours for and its over in a puff of smoke.

Thanks for looking!


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