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So I took over the @AmericanPhotoMag account | Oregon pot photos


Natural light — no reflectors, no filter.

Oregon legalized the use and possession of recreational marijuana officially on July 1st and I was running around Portland most of that week on assignment for Oregon Leaf. After seeing a tweet mentioning I would be in town, Eugene Reznik at American Photo Magazine reached out about me taking over their @AmericanPhotoMag account while documenting this historic news. They have shared the work of a lot of very talented people (seriously go follow them) so it was a nice way to start my day. I said I was in, he offered a few suggestions and then just set me loose. No pressure. I shared a handful of photos from a couple of the different recreational pot events in Portland where locals got some of their first opportunities to try, buy and smoke marijuana legally. Hopefully we gained a couple of followers? Big thanks to Eugene for the chance to get these images out to a wider audience and to write a bit about covering marijuana right now in the Northwest amid these changing times.

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