Seattle Photographer Daniel Berman | Seattle editorial photographer | (206) 387-3767

Accountant Todd Harkley for Northwest Leaf | Seattle editorial photographer

Accountant Todd Harkley has found a new niche: helping legal and medical marijuana businesses keep track of their dollars — that way, Harkley said, the owners can focus on taking care of patients and running their organizations.

“I know accounting may sound boring,” Harkley said, “But a business can’t operate and serve patients unless it’s making money to pay the operating bills… I realized that I could use my accounting skills to help these businesses succeed. If they succeed here in Washington, then it’s a model for the rest of the country and it’s also another “chink in the armor” of the drug war. I think that’s what has got me really excited, because I can do what I love and at the same time I can actually help some really interesting entrepreneurs. You can’t serve patients or recreational customers efficiently unless you’re following all the guidelines, so give me all your boring stuff and I’ll do it so you can focus on more important things.”


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