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Posted in assignment work, editorial work, sports, Washington by bermanphotos on August 3, 2009

On Saturday I had a very interesting assignment to photograph a semifinal match between the semipro Seattle Stallions and the Tacoma Warriors for The Enterprise Newspapers.

The game was scheduled to start at 6pm, but I arrived at around 4:30 with the hopes of getting pictures of the teams getting ready beforehand. I first tried to gain access to the Stallions locker room, and was flatly denied. Closed to press, is what one of the coaches told me. That was unfortunate, since the team has done very well this season in their Cascade Football League.

Moving on, I went next door to the visiting Tacoma Warriors locker room, and was met with basically open arms. The guys were just finishing-up, and after a few obvious jokes at my expense, the guys really ignored my presence. The Warriors were seeking to avenge their 56-0 loss earlier in the season to the Stallions, so I was really hoping that their energy and enthusiasm might carry over to the game. After all, what is more interesting than an underdog story?







After leaving the locker room, I made some images of the two teams practicing and stretching on the field pre-game.




As I stated above, the game was slated to begin at 6pm. Come game time, the teams are both ready, and I have gotten my gear all ready to go. There was only one thing missing: the officials. Stadium announcers mentioned that referees were on their way, but by 6:45 pm, there were still no officials on the field. A coach for the Warriors mentioned to me that according to league rules, if no officials are present within 1 hour of the start time, then the home team must forfeit the game. That would mean a huge loss for the Stallions, and a real boon for the Warriors.

I then concentrated on showing the stress on the faces of the Stallions, since they would be forfeiting a game they were expected to win.
The light was nice by this time of day, and I was stressing myself, realizing that all the good light would be gone by the time the game started. I felt bad too for both sides, since the energy level was clearly draining the longer they waited for the officials to show up.






Finally, an hour and a half after the game was scheduled to start, the men in black and white took to the field.


The very first play of the game was a 98 yard return by L. Wallace of the Seattle Stallions, which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game. The Stallions would dominate the match for the rest of the game.







The game was very one-sided favoring the Stallions offense, and I really can’t blame the Warriors’ head coach for his visceral reaction to an official’s decision.


I am planning on shooting the finals next week at Shoreline Stadium, when the Seattle Stallions take on their next opponents.

Thanks for looking everyone!



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  1. Ben said, on August 9, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for coming out to our game and helping promote the Stallions and the league. I enjoyed chatting with you.


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