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Steven Bogart, Math Professor

Posted in assignment work, portraits by bermanphotos on January 18, 2009


Lighting on this was very simple. A Nikon SB800 speedlight aimed behind for rim light was zoomed in to 85mm, 1/8 power, and within a cinefoil snoot to prevent flare. Main light was another SB800 in a small softbox, at about 45 degrees to Steven, so as to not get reflections in his neat glasses. And of course, Pocket Wizards to trigger the whole kit and caboodle.

What is great though about doing a shoot in the hallway is the amount of attention you create. Luckily, Steven handled the crowd of 3-4 professors behind him at any given time very nicely. Not everybody I photograph is so keen on such publicity.

Thanks for looking!



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