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It’s Cold Outside…

Posted in news, personal work, Washington by bermanphotos on December 19, 2008

Today was a day made for shooting, and by that, I mean I took advantage of the heavy snowing conditions in Shoreline to make a few pictures. I wandered around my neighborhood in a different direction from yesterday, and found myself near an elementary school. I knew the school had a great playground on it and I thought maybe kids would be playing. I was right.

I found these kids playing with the snow and the play structures — having a good time.

One of the first things I noticed was one of the three kids going headfirst down a snow-covered slide.


Soon after, the kid’s friends walked over and started pushing snow into his face. I love the look on the sliding kid’s face.


Photos can almost always be improved by cropping tighter, or being closer. So since this is a nice picture to start with, I zoomed closer with which improved the background by eliminating distractions (always beneficial), and the moment is more clear and dramatic. In newspaper speak, it “reads better.”


With the snow blowing in my face, I thought of a nicer place to be taking pictures, like Southern California. And as I thought about palm trees, warm breezes, and sand instead of snow, I also thought back to something I learned last March at the workshop out there: always look behind you. So I turned around and I saw one of the kid’s mom standing outside, shivering, and trying to stay warm underneath the covered basketball court. I like it.


After photographing her I walked back over to the playground where I did a double-take as I noticed one of the kid’s reinacting ‘A Christmas Story’ — putting his tongue to the metal playground structure, and eating snow. His poor tongue.


I don’t think he minded though.


I got kidded out though and decided to head home. The weather was beginning to get worse and I had accidentally left my extra memory cards at home. I made some nice frames on the walk back though, including this one of a man trying to get through the windy snow swirling around in the air:


I plan to head back out tomorrow and try for some more snow photos. Hopefully, I will make it to downtown Seattle for some unique shots of a city that seems to shut down at the mere threat of an inch of snow.

Thanks for looking — comments always welcome.



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