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Running on Empty

Posted in assignment work, sports, Washington by bermanphotos on September 28, 2008

One of the last things you want to do when you have bronchitis and feel generally awful is run around and photograph cross country — but, I always thought it was better to take an assignment than sit at home and watch daytime TV. The day started out nice and cloudy, like a giant softbox for every photo, but following the girl’s race the sun decided to make an appearance (see the later shots). Despite feeling lousy, I tried to find new angles and work the scenery as much as I could.

Students from North Christian HS hang out on the Woolsey Stadium field prior to the start of a XC meet at Kings High School.

The Kings HS girls cross country team prays before their meet.

Nothing says running like a nice pan…

I think Nike just found their newest, youngest spokeswoman

The interesting part about cross country and running in general is that it is often

a battle against yourself. I wonder what these kids are thinking about on the 3 mile course,

where sometimes you are alone with your thoughts in a beautiful forest.

The North Christian boys cross country team stretches before their meet.

The Kings boys team points at Griffin McGinley, who pulled a false start and ran

before the race began. I like the kid bottom-left grinning, and upper-right, the kid pointing.

Nothing like getting razzed by your team mates. McGinley ended up with one of the race’s fastest times.

Finally, the sun came out, and I was as happy as this kid when it did.

Kings’ Nick Faubian takes a break following the race.

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I will start to feel better as this is set to be a busy week for me.



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  1. Byron said, on January 9, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Those are some great photos. I’m from Texas, and our hardest race is the regionals meet in San Antonio. The course looks easy, with only a few rolling hills, but after the 5A schools and the gold teams go, we’re left with a choking, dry course. We had water at the first and seconds mile, and still finished 2 minutes slower than the previous race!

    Thanks for photo-ing the race, us homeboys really appreciate the little attention haha.

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