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Textio CEO Kieran Snyder for SHRM | Seattle editorial photographer


Had a great shoot last month with Textio CEO Kieran Snyder for HR Magazine and the Society for Human Resource Management. It was a fun job to take on at their downtown Seattle offices in between a day of team meetings. Snyder’s company helps improve job application language for maximum impact — always essential in our current hyper competitive Northwest job market.

Mod Pizza for Franchise Times | Seattle editorial photographer



MOD Pizza Co-founder, chairman and CEO Scott Svenson with his wife, Ally Svenson. The pair have plans to create hundreds of the restaurants around the globe.


MOD Pizza CEO Scott Svenson in downtown Seattle. (Daniel Berman/



Way back last spring I photographed Mod Pizza CEO Scott Svenson and his wife Ally Svenson at one of their Seattle locations of the wildly successful Mod Pizza chain. The shoot was just published (my first of the year!) on the latest cover of Franchise Times. Beth Ewen’s great piece details how Mod Pizza is willing to take a chance and provide meaningful employment to people from difficult backgrounds, encouraging loyalty and fostering a healthy workplace. I had a short amount of time to make multiple portrait options for a potential cover, inside opener, and a planned set of pages inside. Fortunately, Scott and Ally were super nice and easy to work with. So were their ace employees, who helped showcase this important story!

Sounders fans celebrate MLS Cup | Seattle editorial photographer

A few favorites from a personal shoot photographing soccer fans at a rally celebrating the Seattle Sounders’ victory in the MLS Cup on a freezing December day.







bermanphotos_seattlesoundersmlscup-soccerfans_seattleeditorialphotographer-8’s Neil Lindsay for Advertising Age covershoot | Seattle editorial photographer



I photographed Neil Lindsay, Amazon’s vice president of global advertising and device product-line management, for the cover of Advertising Age and the Power Players list – out this week. It was an incredible honor to be asked to shoot the cover as my first assignment from the advertising and marketing magazine. We had less than an hour with Neil but my team and I were able to capture four different setups across multiple floors and buildings at Amazon’s Bigfoot office in South Lake Union. Art Director Erik Spooner flew in from New York to oversee the shoot and we spent some time that morning scouting through the office and going over the game plan. We settled on three areas and lucked out with a fourth nearby and perfect weather on the roof. I was tethered to a laptop with an external monitor so the team could see each shot — It also let me play a favorite album from Tycho the entire time for relaxing vibes! Big thanks to Erik for the commission, Glynne Davies for hair and makeup, and my assistants Spencer Wallace and Jovelle Abbey Tomayo for hustling and working so hard!


Seattle brewery owners for Seattle Weekly Voracious Food Guide



Ravenna Brewing Owner Tommy Ortega is focused on craft-brewing flavorful specialty beers, like a farm-style saison and a slow-burning jalape–o kolsch. Originally from Hermosa Beach, California, Ortega has quickly created a neighborhood fixture. Photo by Daniel Berman for Seattle Weekly.




Georgetown Brewing Company Founder Manny Chao at the Seattle brewery’s headquarters. Chao oversees a brand that produces some of the country’s most popular craft beers, from Manny’s to Lucille IPA.







Way back in August I had the great pleasure of photographing a section for the Seattle Weekly Voracious Food Guide profiling three different brewery owners known for their hard work and excellent craft beers. I photographed Tommy Ortega at his Ravenna Brewing, Manny Chao at Georgetown Brewing Company and Adam Robbings at Reuben’s Brews (blocks from my house!) It was so cool to step into these guys’ world and hear how they got their start – I had a personal interest as a beer lover and fellow small business owner. Compared to most of my assignments, these were wonderfully slow shoots. Me and the owners and a couple beverages, trying out ideas, hanging out and making pictures.

Brighton Jones CEO Jon Jones for Financial Advisor Magazine | Seattle editorial photographer





It’s been a busy month! I photographed Brighton Jones CEO Jon Jones for the cover of Financial Advisor magazine! I had not worked for them in probably two years (and under a different editor) so it was great to get this call in early August to shoot the September cover. They also ran a photo in table of contents and a doubletruck two-page opener! Jon told me about how emotional intelligence drives the policies and actions of the company, it was enlightening and moving. They are very good at their work! It is always cool when you can actually connect on an assignment. His positive attitude and easy demeanor made the shoot a total breeze. Many thanks to the creative team for their support and commission and @Iancbates for help on-site!

Robotics Researcher Sergey Levine for MIT Technology Review 35 under 35 | Seattle editorial photographer









Robots! Labs! Robotic hand labs! Had an awesome shoot back in July that just ran this month in MIT Technology Review. I was commissioned by the art team to photograph and film University of Washington CSE Professor Sergey Levine for #TR35, the magazine’s 35 under 35 feature. Levine has helped pioneer some incredible scientific research on how robotic limbs can be taught to touch and manipulate objects, learning independently through trial and error. I visited the sophisticated lab and was struck by how this robotic hand could be an asset for the future of everything from assembly lines to people requiring fully functioning prosthetic limbs. It was a joy to meet Levine and his co-lead on the ADROIT project, Vikash Kumar. They were gracious with their time and allowed me and my team all the access to do the shoot and get exactly what I envisioned for this story.


Trump Statue appears in Capitol Hill Seattle

Trump Statue by Indecline, seen in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood

A statue depicting Donald Trump appeared overnight at the corner of 11th and Pike in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood Thursday August 18, 2016. I was free that day and decided to make the drive over and take some portraits of Mr. Trump, figuring it would not be up there for long. Uniformed SDOT crew took a look and snapped their own photos quickly. A few wondered if they were going to take it down. Seattle Police drove by with smiles but used their intercom to tell people to get out of the street. All kinds of people and vehicles stopped to gawk. Most seized the opportunity to take pictures of and with the statue until about 4:30 pm, when the art was dramatically removed by men pulling over in a truck, taking the piece for purported safe-keeping and installation elsewhere out of traffic.

Portrait of Stacey Winston-Levitan published in Cultured Magazine

bermanphotos_StaceyWinstonLevitanWinstonWachter_Seattlephotographer_Tearsheet1It was great to work with Cultured Magazine to illustrate a story profiling Winston-Wachter Fine Art Owner Stacey Winston-Levitan for their Summer 2016 issue. The photoshoot was originally for a cool new client, Discover South Lake Union, which sent me out to photograph a range of business owners and cool people working in the area. My thanks to Stacey for being so cool and welcoming as I took over her beautiful gallery space for an hour back in April. Check out the fun story by Maxwell Williams

This Summer has been filled with lots of interesting yet-to-be-released projects, so please stay tuned!

Snoop Dogg for Northwest Leaf | Seattle editorial photographer


Photographed @snoopdogg for @nwleaf back in April and it was one of the craziest shoots of my career. Asked for 1 minute and got 39 seconds – did two setups and managed 23 photos. Arrived two hours early and up until I had Snoop in front of my camera wasn’t entirely sure it would actually happen 🙂 Big thanks to Will and Ryan for making that possible! Snoop was friendly but quiet, and flashed a bunch of poses at me without talking. I asked him to look up toward my light in one – and then his manager said alright lets go. Such a quick encounter as these tend to be.




Afterward, Snoop was posing for photos and signing autographs for fans at @haveaheartrec_ – I had a kind of crazy idea to light Snoop while he was posing with other people and got the go ahead to keep shooting. I convinced my assistant @taylorfeistphoto to jump in and hold up a piece of black seamless behind Snoop for a couple of seconds at a time. Taylor convinced his security guards. It was working! But just as soon, the legend had to take off. One of those shoots you prepare hours for and its over in a puff of smoke.

Thanks for looking!


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